4 Best Places To Buy Plain T-Shirts For T-Shirt Printing

No one can ever go wrong with plain t-shirts. They are comfortable, go with everything and anything, and never go out of style. Even if you don’t view yourself as a minimalist or someone who doesn’t keep up with fashion trends, you definitely have one or two simple, plain t-shirts in your closet. They can also come in handy on days when you feel like you have nothing to wear or lack the inspiration to come up with a stylish fit. In the context of t-shirt printing, a plain t-shirt is no doubt necessary as you’ll need a blank canvas in order to showcase your design and prints.

There’s no lack of clothing stores in Singapore when it comes to getting your hands on plain t-shirts. As there’s a wide variety of styles and colours to choose from, you can take your time to pick out a plain t-shirt that best suits your body type and preferences. Just make sure that the material is suitable for humid weather, considering that you’ll want to stay cool at the end of the day.

As such, here are some of our recommended places for plain t-shirts.

1. Uniqlo

Should you even be surprised? There are some people who only fill up their closets with Uniqlo t-shirts, and there’s a good reason why they do so. Not only are Uniqlo’s clothing pieces extremely comfortable, but they’re also relatively good quality and worth every penny. Plain t-shirts are designed to last a lifetime in the closet, so it makes sense that they should not be prone to wear and tear quickly.

We specifically recommend their “AIRism” product line, specially designed to be smooth and quick-drying to combat humidity. If you sweat excessively, the ‘AIRism” t-shirts are for you.


Another company hailing from Japan, MUJI is known for many things, from stationery and furniture to food and, in this case, clothes. Similar to Uniqlo, MUJI does not focus on dishing out overly trendy clothing pieces that can only last a season. Here, clothes are functional, simplistic, and affordable.

The reason why we can’t leave out this brand is due to the fact that you can find them everywhere. MUJI has multiple outlets throughout Singapore, including Paragon, Changi Airport, and Raffles City. As such, let’s say you have an emergency and require basic t-shirts in a jiffy. MUJI surely has got your back.

3. Eco Staples

Eco Staples is the place to go for the environmentally conscious shopper. Nowadays, more and more people are becoming aware of fashion’s impact on our planet, and are taking bolder initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint. For those trying to build a sustainable and minimalist closet, Eco Staples’ signature t-shirts are a good start as they are made from Bamboo Lyocell, a highly eco-friendly fabric due to its greener growing process, which produces less wastage.

Compared to the two stores mentioned above, Eco Staples’ t-shirts are slightly more expensive, though that’s commonly expected with eco-friendly products. However, if sustainability is something you care about, and you are looking for t-shirts that look and feel great, you can consider Eco Staples’ t-shirts as investments.

4. Direct T Shirt

At Direct T Shirt, we provide more than just t-shirt printing services. We understand that some of our clients may appreciate the efficiency and would like their t-shirt printing orders to be completed on time and without any issues. This is where our collection of t-shirts comes in – available in different styles, colours, materials, and sizes. In fact, our sizes range from 2XS all the way up to 3XL, ensuring inclusivity.

Whether you are looking for cotton round necks or dri fit polo tees, Direct T Shirt helps simplify your t-shirt printing process by offering plain t-shirts from the start. Since there are dri fit polo tees offered in our store, it goes without saying that we do provide dri fit polo tee printing services as well, alongside many others.


Besides going for a bamboo t-shirt, there are other ways to take a more sustainable approach to your t-shirt printing process. One effective way for your t-shirts to be friendlier to the environment is to opt for DTG printing in Singapore, one of the printing techniques offered at Direct T Shirt. As DTG (direct to garment) printing uses water-based inks and is an automated process, it does not further pollute the air and create wastage, yet you can achieve high-quality prints.

To find out more about our services and products, reach out to us at 94577551 or email directtshirt@gmail.com.

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