Why You Should Choose Cotton For T-Shirt Printing

Fun fact: do you know that cotton accounts for roughly 24% of all fabrics produced around the world? This statistic shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, considering that cotton is widely regarded as the world’s most valuable natural resource due to its benefits. You can thank its high durability, colour retention, and absorbent properties for this recognition. Therefore, cotton is one of – if not the most – popular and well-attested materials when it comes to making clothing pieces, including t-shirts.

The next time you’re looking to create customised t-shirts for your class, school event, or corporate business, you can select cotton over other well-known clothing materials, such as dri-fit and polyester, to name a few. In this article, we look at the reasons why and what you can gain from going with cotton for your next t-shirt printing orders.

1. High comfort

Everyone living in Singapore can agree to the fact that our weather can be unbearably humid and scorching hot on some days. This has led to most of us depending on lightweight and cooling materials in order to stay cool and comfortable under the heat. One of these materials is cotton, which is arguably the most suitable for the summer season and tropical weather. As cotton is a breathable fabric, it helps to direct airflow to your body by allowing air to circulate in and out of the clothing piece.

Other properties worth mentioning about cotton are its good absorption capacity. Since we’re likely to sweat under humid conditions, cotton has the ability to transmit sweat and other forms of moisture, thus keeping your skin dry for longer periods and preventing bacteria and mould from growing. All these factors contribute to making cotton-made t-shirts incredibly comfortable, not to mention feeling soft to the touch and stretchable.

2. Hypoallergenic

For those with skin allergies, you’d be glad to know that cotton is a naturally hypoallergenic material. This means that the fabric hardly ever irritates the skin and does not result in allergic reactions. Due to its safe and delicate nature, you’ll find cotton fitting for a wide range of people, including babies and young children.

3. Environmentally friendly

At a time when people are increasingly incorporating environmentally friendly practices into their everyday life, it makes sense that the clothes we wear should be sustainable as well. Fortunately, cotton is a plant-based fibre grown in a way that has less impact on the environment, does not produce excessive amounts of wastage, and requires fewer resources as compared to other materials. While different kinds of cotton have varying degrees of sustainability, they’re, at the minimum, biodegradable and renewable. As such, if you’re interested in going green in fashion and reducing your carbon footprint, cotton t-shirts and garments are the way to go.


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