Why You Should Opt For DTG Printing For Your T-Shirt Design

Even though it is debatable whether technology is mainly beneficial or harmful to our lives, there is no denying that it has positively impacted the custom t-shirt printing industry. Direct-to-garment printing, otherwise known as DTG printing for short, is a relatively new process for printing customised t-shirt designs, requiring the use of sophisticated DTG printers to spray an aqueous ink onto a t-shirt, creating the desired image. You will find that DTG printers have a hoop or frame to secure the t-shirt in a secure position, which helps to prevent creases or misprinting during the printing process.

At Direct T Shirt, our wide range of t-shirt printing services include DTG printing, alongside more traditional methods like silk screen printing and heat transfer. These traditional t-shirt printing methods have proven their reliability for many years, but DTG printing offers another set of advantages to ensure that your t-shirt design looks eye-catching.

Listed below are some reasons why DTG printing can be the right t-shirt printing choice for you.

1. Achieve vibrant, full-colour designs

What makes DTG printing genuinely stand out from the other t-shirt printing methods is its capability to deliver vibrant and intricate designs in an unlimited range of colours. Unlike silk screen printing, which does not have as many colours available and can charge a high cost for detailed designs, DTG printing allows you to print whatever image or design you want without sacrificing any details or removing certain colours. As such, DTG printing is the obvious choice for those looking to print full-colour images onto their t-shirts. Do note that dark-coloured t-shirts have to go through two passes in the DTG printer for the colours to show up.

2. Long-lasting designs

Some people may feel sceptical about whether the printed image or design can last for long periods of time, especially considering that t-shirts have to be washed time after time. However, you will have no worries when it comes to DTG printing. In contrast to other printing techniques that lay down a separate layer on the clothing fabric, DTG printers simply jet the ink directly onto the t-shirt. This means not only a quicker processing time, but also longer-lasting designs that won’t peel off or fade over time. Now, you can throw your t-shirts into the washing machine without hesitation.

3. Kinder to the earth

These days, people are becoming increasingly conscious of their environmental impact. High wastage has caused a number of issues that negatively impact the world we are living in, from affecting ecosystems and filling up landfills to speeding up air pollution and climate change. Unfortunately, clothing is one of the most significant contributors to this environmental crisis.

However, DTG printing has shifted t-shirt printing to be more sustainable. Since the ink used in DTG printers is naturally sourced, water-based, and does not require any harsh chemicals in the process, your t-shirts are both safe to wear and will not harm the environment. What’s more, some DTG printers have built-in water-conserving features that allow users to reduce water consumption during the t-shirt printing process.


In order to carry out direct-to-garment printing, you need to have the proper equipment, which is where a DTG printer comes in. If you need to print t-shirts either for events or business purposes constantly, a DTG printer can be a worthwhile investment. At Direct T Shirt, we have on sale a direct-to-garment (DTG) printer in Singapore, allowing you convenience and easy accessibility to printing customised t-shirts in a snap.

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