4 Best Places To Buy Plain T-Shirts For T-Shirt Printing

4 Best Places To Buy Plain T-Shirts For T-Shirt Printing

No one can ever go wrong with plain t-shirts. They are comfortable, go with everything and anything, and never go out of style. Even if you don’t view yourself as a minimalist or someone who doesn’t keep up with fashion trends, you definitely have one or two simple, plain t-shirts in your closet. They can also come in handy on days when you feel like you have nothing to wear or lack the inspiration to come up with a stylish fit. In the context of t-shirt printing, a plain t-shirt is no doubt necessary as you’ll need a blank canvas in order to showcase your design and prints.

There’s no lack of clothing stores in Singapore when it comes to getting your hands on plain t-shirts. As there’s a wide variety of styles and colours to choose from, you can take your time to pick out a plain t-shirt that best suits your body type and preferences. Just make sure that the material is suitable for humid weather, considering that you’ll want to stay cool at the end of the day.

As such, here are some of our recommended places for plain t-shirts.

1. Uniqlo

Should you even be surprised? There are some people who only fill up their closets with Uniqlo t-shirts, and there’s a good reason why they do so. Not only are Uniqlo’s clothing pieces extremely comfortable, but they’re also relatively good quality and worth every penny. Plain t-shirts are designed to last a lifetime in the closet, so it makes sense that they should not be prone to wear and tear quickly.

We specifically recommend their “AIRism” product line, specially designed to be smooth and quick-drying to combat humidity. If you sweat excessively, the ‘AIRism” t-shirts are for you.


Another company hailing from Japan, MUJI is known for many things, from stationery and furniture to food and, in this case, clothes. Similar to Uniqlo, MUJI does not focus on dishing out overly trendy clothing pieces that can only last a season. Here, clothes are functional, simplistic, and affordable.

The reason why we can’t leave out this brand is due to the fact that you can find them everywhere. MUJI has multiple outlets throughout Singapore, including Paragon, Changi Airport, and Raffles City. As such, let’s say you have an emergency and require basic t-shirts in a jiffy. MUJI surely has got your back.

3. Eco Staples

Eco Staples is the place to go for the environmentally conscious shopper. Nowadays, more and more people are becoming aware of fashion’s impact on our planet, and are taking bolder initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint. For those trying to build a sustainable and minimalist closet, Eco Staples’ signature t-shirts are a good start as they are made from Bamboo Lyocell, a highly eco-friendly fabric due to its greener growing process, which produces less wastage.

Compared to the two stores mentioned above, Eco Staples’ t-shirts are slightly more expensive, though that’s commonly expected with eco-friendly products. However, if sustainability is something you care about, and you are looking for t-shirts that look and feel great, you can consider Eco Staples’ t-shirts as investments.

4. Direct T Shirt

At Direct T Shirt, we provide more than just t-shirt printing services. We understand that some of our clients may appreciate the efficiency and would like their t-shirt printing orders to be completed on time and without any issues. This is where our collection of t-shirts comes in – available in different styles, colours, materials, and sizes. In fact, our sizes range from 2XS all the way up to 3XL, ensuring inclusivity.

Whether you are looking for cotton round necks or dri fit polo tees, Direct T Shirt helps simplify your t-shirt printing process by offering plain t-shirts from the start. Since there are dri fit polo tees offered in our store, it goes without saying that we do provide dri fit polo tee printing services as well, alongside many others.


Besides going for a bamboo t-shirt, there are other ways to take a more sustainable approach to your t-shirt printing process. One effective way for your t-shirts to be friendlier to the environment is to opt for DTG printing in Singapore, one of the printing techniques offered at Direct T Shirt. As DTG (direct to garment) printing uses water-based inks and is an automated process, it does not further pollute the air and create wastage, yet you can achieve high-quality prints.

To find out more about our services and products, reach out to us at 94577551 or email directtshirt@gmail.com.

Why You Should Choose Cotton For T-Shirt Printing

Why You Should Choose Cotton For T-Shirt Printing

Fun fact: do you know that cotton accounts for roughly 24% of all fabrics produced around the world? This statistic shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, considering that cotton is widely regarded as the world’s most valuable natural resource due to its benefits. You can thank its high durability, colour retention, and absorbent properties for this recognition. Therefore, cotton is one of – if not the most – popular and well-attested materials when it comes to making clothing pieces, including t-shirts.

The next time you’re looking to create customised t-shirts for your class, school event, or corporate business, you can select cotton over other well-known clothing materials, such as dri-fit and polyester, to name a few. In this article, we look at the reasons why and what you can gain from going with cotton for your next t-shirt printing orders.

1. High comfort

Everyone living in Singapore can agree to the fact that our weather can be unbearably humid and scorching hot on some days. This has led to most of us depending on lightweight and cooling materials in order to stay cool and comfortable under the heat. One of these materials is cotton, which is arguably the most suitable for the summer season and tropical weather. As cotton is a breathable fabric, it helps to direct airflow to your body by allowing air to circulate in and out of the clothing piece.

Other properties worth mentioning about cotton are its good absorption capacity. Since we’re likely to sweat under humid conditions, cotton has the ability to transmit sweat and other forms of moisture, thus keeping your skin dry for longer periods and preventing bacteria and mould from growing. All these factors contribute to making cotton-made t-shirts incredibly comfortable, not to mention feeling soft to the touch and stretchable.

2. Hypoallergenic

For those with skin allergies, you’d be glad to know that cotton is a naturally hypoallergenic material. This means that the fabric hardly ever irritates the skin and does not result in allergic reactions. Due to its safe and delicate nature, you’ll find cotton fitting for a wide range of people, including babies and young children.

3. Environmentally friendly

At a time when people are increasingly incorporating environmentally friendly practices into their everyday life, it makes sense that the clothes we wear should be sustainable as well. Fortunately, cotton is a plant-based fibre grown in a way that has less impact on the environment, does not produce excessive amounts of wastage, and requires fewer resources as compared to other materials. While different kinds of cotton have varying degrees of sustainability, they’re, at the minimum, biodegradable and renewable. As such, if you’re interested in going green in fashion and reducing your carbon footprint, cotton t-shirts and garments are the way to go.


At Direct T Shirt, we offer cotton t-shirts in a variety of sizes and colours. Whether neutral shades like black and grey are more your thing or you’ll like to be bold with vibrant colours like magenta and lime green, we have everything from sizes 2XS to 3XL. However, that’s not all, as our comprehensive t-shirt printing services extend to printing customised t-shirts through various printing methods. Aside from operating as an online t-shirt printing shop with the highest-rated reviews on Google, you can also find us at 1016 Geylang East Ave 3, #04-147, Singapore (389731).

4 Occasions To Engage With Custom T-Shirt Printing Services

4 Occasions To Engage With Custom T-Shirt Printing Services

Customised t-shirts have never been easier to produce than now. As t-shirt printing techniques become more sophisticated and even technologically advanced, as explicitly seen with DTG printing, customised t-shirts are readily accessible to all groups of people, and can be produced more efficiently and cost-effectively than before.

What’s more, some t-shirt printing shops, such as Direct T Shirt, offer services for online t-shirt printing in Singapore. This means that you can simply order custom t-shirts in the comfort of your own home. With all things considered, there’s really no reason why you should not have a custom t-shirt in your closet.

Here are some popular occasions where you can spruce up the event by having customised t-shirts.

1. Class or school events

Class t-shirts are arguably the most popular form of t-shirt printing around the world. Regardless if you’re attending a school camp, class trip, or any sort of school events, a class t-shirt is a wonderful way to create a sense of togetherness and build self-pride among classmates. This is especially prominent when different classes have to compete with each other. In such situations, a class t-shirt can also come in handy by allowing other students and teachers to differentiate the various classes.

Class t-shirts can also be produced for class reunions when alumni gather after leaving school. Since t-shirt printing allows you to be creative in coming up with designs, you can create a meaningful class t-shirt as a memorable gift for these heartwarming events.

2. Company events

Custom t-shirts are not only meant to be worn in schools. During company events, adults can take this opportunity to sport interesting and eye-catching customised t-shirts. Company events can come in many types, from team-building events and family picnics to conferences and product launches. The former two are casual in nature, where custom t-shirts can help to foster team spirit among employees. On the other hand, the latter two provide a platform for custom t-shirts to be a form of advertising. As company t-shirts usually showcase the brand’s image or logo, they can increase its visibility and exposure. As such, custom t-shirts can hugely benefit businesses.

3. Bachelor and bachelorette parties

Bachelor or bachelorette parties are one of the most special occasions in our lives. For the bride and groom, this is the last night of freedom as being unattached, whereas, for the groomsmen and bridesmaids, this is when they play a hugely supportive role. Whether the customised t-shirts are designed in a playful or sentimental way, they can inject a little fun factor into the event and be great gifts.

4. Group travel trips

Now that borders are opened, it’s time to kick off that long-awaited road trip or travel adventure with your friends or family members. While overseas, it can be easy to get lost in the crowd, especially when the place is congested or if you’re unfamiliar with the area. To prevent this issue from occurring, customised t-shirts allow for quick recognition and enable groups to get back together without much trouble. Our only advice is to pay attention to certain countries’ cultures and regulations before selecting a t-shirt design. A design that seems harmless may be considered offensive in other countries.


Customised t-shirts are more than just articles of clothing. Besides allowing people to explore their creativity to design their very own personalised clothing, custom t-shirts have the capability to bring people together and develop a strong bond among them. Due to its benefits, it’s not hard to see why custom t-shirts are becoming more and more commonplace. Even though we have stated down these few occasions, custom t-shirts can be worn anytime and anywhere.

If you plan to print custom t-shirts, Direct T Shirt is the t-shirt printing shop to go to. We provide online t-shirt printing services using a variety of printing techniques. From polo shirt printing to offering a DTG printer in Singapore, we are the leading t-shirt printing provider in the country, evidenced by our high ratings and reviews on Google. To get in touch with us, you can drop us a message at directtshirt@gmail.com or call us at 9457 7551.

How To Make Your T-Shirt Printing Process More Sustainable

How To Make Your T-Shirt Printing Process More Sustainable

According to the Geneva Environment Network, 10% of carbon emissions produced globally are attributed to the fashion industry. This huge number is profoundly concerning, as carbon emissions can lead to several long-term environmental threats, such as air pollution, increased wildfires, climate change, and many more. We can say that the same goes for the textile and printing industries as well.

Fortunately, this was back then. As companies nowadays are increasingly making an effort to be more ethical and practise corporate social responsibility, alongside technological advances, the printing industry has become much kinder to the earth in recent years. Take DTG printing, for example. With a DTG printer, printing providers can solely rely on digital technology to produce printed clothing, eliminating any potential cases of child labour, leakage of harmful chemicals, and dangerous working conditions.

Consumers like yourself can also do their part to reduce carbon footprint and environmental impact in your t-shirt printing process. Whether it’s by opting for a more sustainable printing technique or selecting eco-friendly fabrics, there are many ways you can practise conscious consumerism that not only does good for the planet, but also makes you feel less guilty.

1. Print using DTG printing

DTG (direct-to-garment) printing is one of the newest methods introduced in the printing industry, applying digital tools to print designs on t-shirts and other clothing pieces. Similar to heat transfer, DTG printing requires the use of water-based inks, which are sprayed onto the garment to create the desired design. Due to this inkjet printing technology, less wastage is produced, and the t-shirt printing process does not release as many hazardous chemicals into the air.

If you’re looking to print your very own t-shirts using DTG printing, you’re in luck, as Direct T Shirt is one of the few t-shirt printing providers to offer a DTG printer in Singapore. With a DTG printer on hand, you can look forward to producing customised t-shirts more efficiently and at your convenience.

2. Print using DTF printing

Another environmentally friendly method that’s revolutionising the printing industry is direct-to-film printing, otherwise known as DTF printing for short. With this method, images or designs are transferred onto the fabric using a heat-press mechanism. As DTF printing only utilises water-based ink and an adhesive, it produces one waste product in the entire process. Unlike DTG printing, which can only print onto cotton t-shirts, DTF printing is compatible with various fabrics, from cotton and polyester to nylon and handled leather.

At Direct T Shirt, we are one of – if not the only – t-shirt printing providers to offer DTF printing in Singapore.

3. Go for organic cotton t-shirts

Organic cotton may sound rather pretentious to some people, but they are considerably different from regular cotton. When it comes to regular cotton, the farming process utilises GMOs, also known as genetically modified seeds, to fend off bugs. However, bugs can grow resistant to these seeds, so pesticides are brought into use. Pesticides contaminate the soil and vegetation, destroying biodiversity and natural ecosystems in the process. As organic cotton is made from natural seeds, there’s no need for pesticides, toxic chemicals, and high water consumption.

What’s more, organic cotton t-shirts come with numerous benefits. Aside from being high-quality and feeling soft to the touch, organic cotton tends to be produced by small-scale farmers who go the extra mile to be less impactful on the environment. Therefore, by purchasing organic cotton t-shirts, you’re directly helping create a more socially and environmentally conscious world.

4. Go for bamboo t-shirts

Bamboo is another great eco-friendly fabric option, though less mainstream than organic cotton. However, it’s increasingly gaining the spotlight due to its renewable nature. The farming process for bamboo is incredibly efficient as the plant can proliferate without much water consumption. Farmers also do not have to use pesticides or other chemicals to maintain the plant’s growth.

Since bamboo naturally has thermodynamic, antibacterial, and UV protection qualities, the fabric is widely used for sports and fitness clothing. If you plan on purchasing a t-shirt for workouts or you’re someone who spends ample time outdoors, bamboo t-shirts will be a good addition to your closet.

5. Print using heat transfer services

As the name suggests, heat transfer is a printing technique that transfers images and designs onto clothing with a heat press. Also known as digital heat transfer or thermal printing, heat transfer is one of the most green printing methods out there as it utilises water-based adhesives, which do not contain PVC and other toxic chemicals, and recyclable materials.

Besides being eco-friendly, heat transfer services also create durable t-shirts with high-quality designs at an affordable price.


Making sure the clothes you wear are sustainable is more than just protecting the world we live in. It’s also about working towards social unity and making an informed decision to align our consumer behaviour with our values and beliefs. At the end of the day, looking your best does not have to come with the cost of the planet suffering.

At Direct T Shirt, you can rest assured that all our t-shirt printing orders are produced with the highest quality. Just take a look at our Google Reviews. Not only do we provide the fastest services, but we’re also the leading t-shirt printing shop in Singapore. Our range of online t-shirt printing services has never failed to meet the needs and preferences of our customers. To find out more information, contact or WhatsApp us at 6457 7551 or email us at directtshirt@gmail.com.

Why You Should Opt For DTG Printing For Your T-Shirt Design

Why You Should Opt For DTG Printing For Your T-Shirt Design

Even though it is debatable whether technology is mainly beneficial or harmful to our lives, there is no denying that it has positively impacted the custom t-shirt printing industry. Direct-to-garment printing, otherwise known as DTG printing for short, is a relatively new process for printing customised t-shirt designs, requiring the use of sophisticated DTG printers to spray an aqueous ink onto a t-shirt, creating the desired image. You will find that DTG printers have a hoop or frame to secure the t-shirt in a secure position, which helps to prevent creases or misprinting during the printing process.

At Direct T Shirt, our wide range of t-shirt printing services include DTG printing, alongside more traditional methods like silk screen printing and heat transfer. These traditional t-shirt printing methods have proven their reliability for many years, but DTG printing offers another set of advantages to ensure that your t-shirt design looks eye-catching.

Listed below are some reasons why DTG printing can be the right t-shirt printing choice for you.

1. Achieve vibrant, full-colour designs

What makes DTG printing genuinely stand out from the other t-shirt printing methods is its capability to deliver vibrant and intricate designs in an unlimited range of colours. Unlike silk screen printing, which does not have as many colours available and can charge a high cost for detailed designs, DTG printing allows you to print whatever image or design you want without sacrificing any details or removing certain colours. As such, DTG printing is the obvious choice for those looking to print full-colour images onto their t-shirts. Do note that dark-coloured t-shirts have to go through two passes in the DTG printer for the colours to show up.

2. Long-lasting designs

Some people may feel sceptical about whether the printed image or design can last for long periods of time, especially considering that t-shirts have to be washed time after time. However, you will have no worries when it comes to DTG printing. In contrast to other printing techniques that lay down a separate layer on the clothing fabric, DTG printers simply jet the ink directly onto the t-shirt. This means not only a quicker processing time, but also longer-lasting designs that won’t peel off or fade over time. Now, you can throw your t-shirts into the washing machine without hesitation.

3. Kinder to the earth

These days, people are becoming increasingly conscious of their environmental impact. High wastage has caused a number of issues that negatively impact the world we are living in, from affecting ecosystems and filling up landfills to speeding up air pollution and climate change. Unfortunately, clothing is one of the most significant contributors to this environmental crisis.

However, DTG printing has shifted t-shirt printing to be more sustainable. Since the ink used in DTG printers is naturally sourced, water-based, and does not require any harsh chemicals in the process, your t-shirts are both safe to wear and will not harm the environment. What’s more, some DTG printers have built-in water-conserving features that allow users to reduce water consumption during the t-shirt printing process.


In order to carry out direct-to-garment printing, you need to have the proper equipment, which is where a DTG printer comes in. If you need to print t-shirts either for events or business purposes constantly, a DTG printer can be a worthwhile investment. At Direct T Shirt, we have on sale a direct-to-garment (DTG) printer in Singapore, allowing you convenience and easy accessibility to printing customised t-shirts in a snap.

We are also a t-shirt printing shop located in Geylang, offering various tee shirt printing services to cater to many preferences and designs. As there are no minimum orders, we accept printing requests from just one t-shirt to hundreds. To know more information, you can contact or WhatsApp us at 9457 7551.

4 Ways Custom T-Shirt Printing Can Boost Your Business


There is no need to say that an article of clothing can play an essential role in influencing employee morale and creating an image of a business. As the t-shirt is worn in public, it is usually the first thing that customers and clients see of the business, which helps them develop an impression. This is particularly crucial for companies looking to expand their customer base or procure a potential investor.

Fortunately, gone are the days when employees and workers had to wear dowdy uniforms that not only were uncomfortable to wear, but also did not score points when it came to the fashion department. Take a look around you. You will notice that corporate tees these days feature all sorts of creative and attractive designs and colours, allowing employees to feel confident in their work attire.

If you are a business owner and still unsure whether to customise your t-shirts, you have come to the right place. In this article, we have provided a number of ways on how custom t-shirt printing can help increase your business’ exposure, maximising your profits in the long run.

1. Walking advertisements

As mentioned above, t-shirt printing is a form of advertising. Since corporate tees tend to include the company’s logo or some sort of branding image that represents the business, these t-shirts make for a great marketing tool. 

Let’s say these t-shirts are to be worn during a corporate gathering or charity event. Your company name will be out on the streets, allowing a broad group of people to know more about your business, from potential clients and investors to customers out of your target market. This is the very reason why many companies are willing to spend thousands of dollars on t-shirt printing in order to generate brand awareness, which positively impacts the business.

2. Conversation starters

A custom t-shirt can be extremely eye-catching and spur conversations if designed well. When employees are out in public wearing your printed t-shirts, they might encounter a curious individual interested in the design, leading to talks about your company. These individuals may be future customers who would even recommend your brand to their friends or family members.

In such situations, word-of-mouth helps to circulate interest and information about your business further. This form of marketing has been found to be the most effective and successful in grabbing consumers’ attention, which should come as no surprise as people are more likely to trust personal recommendations than traditional advertisements.

As such, through t-shirt printing, you can place your brand in the minds of people and indirectly interact with them.

3. Strengthen brand image

Brand image is undoubtedly one of the most vital aspects of a business, acting as its visual identity. When customers purchase your products or engage with your services, they’re also connecting with the brand. In order to accomplish this, the brand image should be consistent and is an accurate depiction of your business ideas and beliefs. Good brand image can bring many benefits to a business, such as creating a lasting impression, allowing for quicker recognition, and establishing a closer relationship with consumers.

Contrary to popular belief, brand image is not built simply through the company’s website, business cards, or social media sites. What employees are wearing is also a powerful tool to showcase your business’ message and enable customers to easily distinguish your brand from competitors. This way, you can ensure a more substantial brand commitment, which has never been more important than now as consumers are faced with many brand options.

4. Motivate employees

A custom t-shirt is a cost-effective way to show employees they are valued in the company, creating a sense of unity among them. However, many people may forget or are unaware that custom t-shirts also motivate employees to produce better work performance. Since t-shirt printing displays the company’s logo prominently, employees will know that they represent the business whenever they are out in public. If they were to attend to customers’ needs, they are likely to act professionally and offer attentive customer service.


Aside from benefiting the business, t-shirt printing is one of the effective ways to set up a positive workplace culture, in which there is a spirit of togetherness and employees feel a sense of belonging to the company. These experiences enable employees to feel happy and look forward to coming to work. Ultimately, a company is only as good as its people.

Direct T Shirt has your back if you are looking for t-shirt printing services. We are the leading custom t-shirt printing shop in Singapore, being the highest-rated business on Google Reviews. While you can come down to our outlet in Geylang, we also take in online t-shirt printing orders. All you need to do is contact or WhatsApp us at 9457 7551 or email us at directtshirt@gmail.com, and our friendly sales staff will assist you from there.

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