Drifit T-shirts and Polos in Singapore

What is Dri Fit?

Not sure what Dri Fit is? Well, it’s essentially a material that’s made out of interlock polyester microfiber. This material undergoes a similar production process as standard polyester. Still, there is a difference: each microfiber strand has to be shorter in diameter than a single strand of silk. This makes microfiber a lighter material as compared to silk.

Due to its lightweight properties, Dri Fit can arguably be seen as one of, if not the most, moisture-absorbing fabrics available in the market today. In fact, Dri Fit is commonly regarded to represent the next generation of garment material to feature moisture-wicking technology. This process draws out moisture from the skin to the garment’s top layer and lets it dry in a matter of seconds.

When should I wear Dri Fit?

Dri Fit is extremely popular among sports and fitness enthusiasts as its lightweight, sweat-wicking, and UV protection properties mean that one can look forward to staying dry and fresh for a more extended period, especially under the sun. Dri Fit also incorporates body-mapping technology, which crafts the garment to align with the individual’s body response to high-performance activities. As such, clothes made of Dri Fit contain mesh panels to direct airflow to specific body areas.

Dri Fit is also a practical choice for garments for people living in hot and humid climates, such as in Singapore. The material allows for better breathability and ensures the wearer stays cool in the heat.


Order Dri Fit T-shirt Printing and Custom Polo Tee in Singapore with us

Whether you’re looking to create a class tee or a corporate polo tee, Direct T Shirt has got you covered. Our range of services includes regular polo t-shirt printing, Dri Fit t-shirt printing, and printing for custom and corporate polo tees in Singapore.

Our Dri Fit t-shirts are incredibly inclusive, coming in various sizes, from 2XS to 3XL. We recommend checking our size chart to ensure that you order the correct size.

Aside from being made with 100% microfiber, the Dri Fit is also available in two types - Roundneck and Polo Tee. You can choose from 20 colours, ranging from basic Black, White, Light Grey, and Dark Grey to fun colours, such as Lime Green, Royal Blue, Magenta, and many more.


Types of Dri Fit T-shirt Printing and Polo T-shirt Printing Methods we use

At Direct T Shirt, we offer several different printing options to make sure that you can achieve your desired design. For polo t-shirts and Dri Fit t-shirts, we use Silk Screen Printing, which is the most common printing technique, and Embroidery. Other methods like Heat Transfer and Direct to Garment (DTG) are also used, especially when you want colourful graphic designs to stand out.

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The main difference between Dri Fit and cotton t-shirts is their fabric. Cotton t-shirts are made from natural cotton fibres, while Dri Fit t-shirts are made from polyester microfibers. As such, Dri Fit t-shirts are generally more lightweight, durable, and stretchy than cotton t-shirts. In terms of polo shirt printing, Dri Fit requires special care and attention than cotton t-shirts, which are receptive to various printing techniques.

For minor stains, gently blot the stain with a dry paper towel before applying a small amount of liquid dish soap and water to it. Gently rub the fabric to work the soap into the fibres, and let the mixture sit for about 10 minutes before rinsing it with cold water. Our Dri Fit polo tee printing services will provide you with more details for proper cleaning.

Yes! There are some care instructions for polo t-shirt printing to ensure the longevity of your printed Dri Fit t-shirts. Some of these ways are turning the shirts inside out when washing, washing in cold water, avoiding the use of bleach or fabric softeners, and using a low heat setting when drying the t-shirt. In addition, avoid ironing directly on the printed design area of your polo tee printing.

One of the best things about engaging our services in Dri Fit polo tee printing in Singapore is that there's no minimum order! Be it just 1 or over 100 t-shirts, you can get your hands on a custom polo tee in Singapore that's to your preference. We offer a variety of Dri Fit tees, such as Roundneck and Polo, which are available in a broad selection of sizes and colours.

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