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dtg printing singapore

What is DTG Printing?

DTG printing, otherwise known as Direct to Garment printing, is the latest technology in t-shirt printing. It is a process that involves using specialised inkjet technology to print textiles and garments. Compared to more traditional printing methods, such as Silk Screen Printing or Embroidery, which have been around for centuries, DTG printing is only recently introduced to the market.

DTG printing is made possible by a DTG printer, which has a flat platform that secures the garment in a fixed position before the printer inks jet or sprays the colours into the fabric. This is the main difference between DTG printing and Screen printing, the latter of which layers the ink on top of the fabric. As the inks are primarily aqueous textile inks, water-based, DTG printing is highly recommended for fabrics made out of natural materials, such as cotton, linen, and bamboo, as these fabrics can easily absorb the inks.

Advantages of DTG Printing

There are many benefits when it comes to DTG printing, especially if you want to print a high-quality graphic design on your cotton t-shirts. Due to its link, DTG printing is widely known for its capability to deliver full-colour designs that pop. This is in stark contrast to Silk Screen Printing, which may not be as effective in printing intricate and elaborate designs. With this technology, you can now enjoy magnificent colours and prints without the high startup cost of Silk Screen printing.

Regardless of the design and customisation, DTG printing can help you to meet your printing needs and preferences. Since the prints are high-quality, DTG printing is incredibly versatile and can suit a variety of garments and their purposes, from casual polo t-shirts to work uniforms. What’s more, DTG printing is also an environmentally-friendly alternative to other printing methods, having a less negative impact on our earth as it does not produce mass wastage.

Order Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing in Singapore with us

At Direct T Shirt, our services for Direct to Garment printing or DTG printing in Singapore include printing out real-life images and complex designs. This method ensures that the designs on your t-shirts will not have any missing details.

Now, you can print out printed t-shirts in large batches in a short amount of time and through a straightforward printing process. We also have a DTG printer for sale in Singapore for small businesses and corporations. As they take up less physical space and time as compared to other traditional printing methods, you do not have to worry about fussing about the process.

If you would like to know more about our DTG printer for sale, feel free to reach out to us by calling 9457 7551.


DTG printing is no doubt one of the most sustainable t-shirt printing methods out in the market. This is because the ink used in a direct to garment printer is made of water and free of harmful toxins and chemicals. In addition, the process uses lesser energy, produces lesser wastage, and has a smaller carbon footprint. You can purchase a direct to garment printer in Singapore at Direct T Shirt.

While DTG and DTF printings sound similar, they are two different printing techniques. DTG (direct to garment) prints directly onto the fabric, whereas DTF (direct to film) transfers the designs onto the fabric through a film. Typically, DTF printing is cheaper due to less ink being used and lack of pretreatment required, though DTG shirt printing shines in its efficiency in producing more clothing pieces in a short time.

Absolutely! DTG shirt printing in Singapore is a wonderful printing technique to create long-lasting printed t-shirts. If you take good care of your shirts and wash them gently, their prints can withstand more than 50 washes - more than enough if you don't wear those shirts on a daily basis. Proper care can also prevent those prints from fading or cracking quickly.

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