Heat Transfer Printing

No matter what type of paper you use, you will always get good prints with a heatpress. Even the most expensive iron can’t match the quality. Heat transfers are used to print custom printed graphic designs and photographs to 100% cotton and drifit t-shirt, tote bags. The heat transfer paper has a film on it and this is the side that is printed on. After printing, the unprinted part of the transfer sheet is trimmed and the transfer is placed on the shirt and both are heated in a heat press with medium to high pressure. When the heating cycle ends, the head of the press is lifted and the transfer is complete. all prints are very durable and easy to wash.

this is the printing process

this is the peeling process

Name and number soccer printing

We have a wide range of fonts and colours for names and number t-shirt printing and for all team sports wear or class t-shirt. Our prints are very durable that can withstand numerous washes. Call us to find out more 🙂

Here’s a video of how the printing process works

Heat transfer t-shirt printing

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