3 Main Benefits Of Ordering Custom T-Shirts In Bulk

Regardless of which industry a business belongs in, they all have one common goal – to increase their bottom line. A surefire way to boost profits is by keeping expenses down, and if you’re planning to purchase customised t-shirts for your employees, you should consider ordering these t-shirts in bulk.

Bulk buying is when you place an order for a large quantity of the same products or goods. Even though the customer receives more products on their end, their overall cost will be lower as the value of each product increases. However, that’s not all the benefits that come with buying custom t-shirts in bulk. In this article, we have listed down more advantages you can seek to gain if you were to purchase your t-shirts in large quantities.

1. Cheaper

As mentioned above, the number one reason why people would opt for bulk buying is to make their money’s worth. Bulk buying can be summed up in one sentence: the more you buy, the lower the costs will be. This is because customers do not have to pay for excessive packaging, so the orders are kept simple and easy to manage. What we recommend is to talk with your t-shirt printing provider and discuss what the requirements for their bulk orders are. Some suppliers may put in place a minimum quantity for bulk purchases, while others may not.

Direct T Shirt is one of the few t-shirt printing providers that belong in the latter category. Whether you are looking to print just one t-shirt or hundreds, we can see that your orders are fulfilled to your satisfaction. The final price of your order will depend on your t-shirt material, design, and of course, quantity.

2. Consistent quality

We should all know by now that custom t-shirts can promote a business, but in order to do so effectively, the t-shirts and their designs must be of high quality. Since you’ll be getting the same or similar custom t-shirts when you buy in bulk, you can rest assured that each product’s quality will be consistent. This is due to the fact that your orders are produced identically, and delivered together and at the same time, resulting in lesser risks for discrepancies and mistakes.

3. Time-saving

At the end of the day, most businesses would prefer their custom t-shirt orders to arrive as quickly as possible. As some custom t-shirts are used for a marketing campaign, they can be time-sensitive and must be completed on time. In such cases, bulk buying can put your mind at ease as you do not have to spend ample time coming up with different designs, ordering various t-shirts, and waiting for each individual t-shirt to be delivered.

With Direct T Shirt, you can expect fully customised t-shirt orders to be completed within 3 to 4 weeks. For standard designs, we usually can get them done in just under a week, making us one of the t-shirt printing providers in Singapore with the fastest turnaround time. And no, we don’t and will never compromise on quality.


Aside from businesses, schools and classes can buy custom t-shirts in bulk as well, which are done through our class tee printing services. You can choose a wide range of t-shirt printing methods at Direct T Shirt, such as silk screen printing, embroidery, and heat transfer. If you are specifically looking for DTG (direct to garment) printing in Singapore, we also offer that on hand. WhatsApp us at 94577551 or write to us for a quotation!

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