5 Things To Consider Before Printing Your Custom Polo Shirt

As it’s safe to say that polo shirts look good on all body types and will never go out of style, it should come as no surprise that polo shirts are and will always be popular among men and women around the world. From schools to large-scale companies, polo shirts have been relied on for many purposes as a form of comfortable clothing. Whether you’re planning to engage with polo shirt printing services for a corporate event, business purposes, or simply to create a customised shirt for your personal use, it’s important to bear in mind a few considerations before going ahead with the production process. As such, here are some essential things to consider before deciding to print your custom polo shirt.

1. Type of material

Contrary to popular belief, polo shirts are not just made out of cotton. Instead, polo shirts can be made with a variety of fabrics, namely polyester, a 50/50 cotton-polyester blend, dri-fit, and performance polyester. Despite all these fabrics coming with their own advantages and disadvantages, the main factors you should look at in determining the right one are the environment and usage.

For example, if your polo shirt is meant to be worn mostly indoors, such as in the office, or for non-vigorous activities, the most suitable material would be 50/50 cotton-polyester blend or any other blended fabrics. This is because blended materials tend to be longer-lasting, aren’t able to crease, and most importantly, can be washed easily. On the other hand, for outdoor use or for those living in humid countries like Singapore, we recommend going with cotton as it is not only lightweight and airy, but also breathable, promoting air circulation around the body.

2. Length of sleeve

Similar to the point mentioned above, you should decide on your sleeve length based on the intended purpose of your custom polo shirt. Let’s say your t-shirt is designed for cycling or other activities that require you to stand under the sun for long periods of time. In such cases, a long-sleeved polo shirt makes sense as the additional coverage can protect your arms and hands from potentially getting sunburnt.

Some companies and schools may also prefer longer sleeves as they’re more conservative in fashion, which may seem more professional. However, if you’re leaning towards a more casual look, feel free to opt for shorter sleeves.

3. Size and fit

This applies especially to those who are purchasing bulk orders for multiple people. As everyone’s body sizes are different, it’s best to search for a t-shirt printing provider that’s able to accommodate or offers a wide range of sizes. At Direct T Shirt, our polo shirts range from 2XS to 3XL, ensuring that no one is excluded from receiving their custom polo shirts. Remember, an ideal shirt size should fit snugly on the wearer and not too tightly that it becomes uncomfortable.

4. Polo shirt colours and printed designs

Aside from the usual neutral colours, such as black, grey, and white, a polo t-shirt printing provider should also extend their colour range to include vibrant and non-conventional shades. This allows you to have more options to choose from and the flexibility to explore various designs. However, that being said, do make sure that your designs and detailings are in contrast with the colour of your polo shirt in order for them to stand out and be noticed clearly.

5. Printing time 

Some people may fail to remember that customised polo shirts require some time to produce, not to mention being delivered to you. Even if a t-shirt printing provider can complete your order in a week, there may be a possibility of mishaps occurring, delaying the process. Hence, it’s recommended that you place an order in advance. If something crops up, at least you have some buffer days for negotiation.


Printing customised polo shirts can be an overwhelming affair. If you find yourself having difficulty proceeding with your custom polo shirts, no fret, as Direct T Shirt has your back. As the highest-rated t-shirt printing business based on Google Reviews, Direct T Shirt offers one of the fastest printing services in Singapore. In addition, as we do not enforce a minimum order, we can produce from just one custom polo shirt to hundreds.

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