All About Dri-Fit Fabrics: Can You Safely Print On Them?

Nowadays, living a healthier and more active lifestyle has become the goal for an increasing number of people. As a result, the sports apparel industry has been booming and constantly introducing new products that promote good health and activeness. Among the most popular of them is dri-fit clothing. If you’re involved in sports like doing triathlons or are a frequent gym-goer, then you’ve probably already seen what dri-fit clothes look like.

Dri-fit clothes are comfortable-looking garments that come with incredible moisture-wicking properties. However, despite their increasing popularity, many people still seem not to know much about dri-fit materials. Particularly, they are unsure whether dri-fit polo tee printing is possible. To answer the questions you might have in your mind, we’ve discussed all that you should know about printing on dri-fit fabrics.

What’s Dri-Fit Material and Why Is It Good?

Dri-fit is basically a high-performance and durable microfibre material that’s made of polyester. As a type of clothing, dri-fit works excellently to keep you dry, cool, and fresh under hot weather. As mentioned earlier, it’s a sweat-wicking material that protects the skin from sweat, moisture, and heat because of its fast evaporation and high absorbency. This breathability enables people to be comfortably active all day without being drenched in sweat within just a few minutes under the sun.

Dri-fit clothing is a great option for exercising or engaging in strenuous activities since it usually only takes a short amount of time for your body to feel fresh and your sweat to dry in a dri-fit fabric. Wearing dri-fit clothes doesn’t also give you the gross feeling that clothes made from cotton often bring after a bout of exercise. In addition, it’s pretty easy to identify the dri-fit material. Dri-fit clothes typically look more porous to enable rapid transfer of moisture or sweat from the shirt’s inner side onto the outer side.

Is It Possible to Print on Dri Fit Fabric?

One of the most common questions people ask about dri-fit fabrics is whether or not it’s possible to print on them. The simple answer to this question is yes! Depending on the type of material or fabric used, printing on a dri-fit garment can be done using different printing methods. In fact, a lot of class tee printing services in Singapore cater to a wide array of dri-fit customisation needs of various customers.

For example, when it comes to interlock dri-fit shirts, the most common printing methods used are silk screen printing, sublimation printing, and heat transfer printing. On the other hand, T-shirts made of microfibre eyelets or mini-mesh are generally versatile fabrics, so they’re suitable for almost all printing methods except direct-to-garment (DTG) printing. Keep in mind that different printing methods offer unique benefits. Thus, it’s important to consider several factors before choosing the best one.


Ultimately, considering their benefits, it comes as no surprise that dri-fit materials have risen to immense popularity over recent years. Not only are they high-performing and comfortable, but they’re also pretty easy to customise with the use of various printing methods. However, to avoid possibly ruining the beauty of your dri-fit clothing, be sure to do your research and carefully select the printing method that’s most suitable for the type of dri-fit fabric you have.

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