Secret Pro Tips for Better Corporate T-Shirt Designs

Making company t-shirts for consumers is one approach for businesses to increase brand recognition. Businesses always like it when customers wear t-shirts bearing their logo.

Today’s t-shirt designs, however, are either overly simple and turn people away or hideous and people would never wear them in public. Finding a nice balance between the two is essential if you want people to wear the t-shirts that your company produces.

Companies need these t-shirt designs so that their staff may develop a sense of pride and belonging. Here are some pointers to get you started since this could backfire if the t-shirts are not stylish.

Incorporate the company logo

If you were a business, you would want your name and brand on the company t-shirts.

Nobody, however, enjoys disguising themselves as a billboard or an advertisement. Use your company’s brand tactfully, and avoid placing a large logo on the shirt.

A better strategy is to creatively include your company’s name and emblem in the design of your t-shirt. To make it stand out, construct a plan out of it like Versace or embroider it in the middle.

The trick is to avoid cramming it on your t-shirt. Otherwise, your receivers will want to avoid wearing it.

Complement the design with colours

To achieve better contrast, it is advised to use light colours on dark t-shirts and dark colours on soft t-shirts, according to a fundamental rule for t-shirt design.

When designing your tee, the colour you choose is important for a number of reasons. First off, printing a t-shirt design with various ink colors can raise the price of the final product. As a result, it is wise to take this into account when planning the design.

Additionally, choosing complementing colors can be difficult. While some contrasts—like black and white—are visually pleasing, others—like red and green—can be less so.

It’s crucial to pick colors that are simple to work with and can be coupled with a variety of other color schemes if you want your t-shirt design to be as versatile as possible. By doing this, you raise the possibility that people may wear the t-shirts outside and display your design.

Ensure the material is of high-quality

Even though everyone likes your new t-shirt design, this is only the beginning.

Selecting the best printing firm is crucial to the success of your t-shirt. Consider a range of high-quality, comfortable garment and printing options. T-shirt printing could cause t-shirts to lose their quality and affect how clothes feel on other people.

You can always ask around at different printing businesses. Before moving on to bulk printing, ask for t-shirt samples, create a budget, and have your mock-up printed.

Find inspiration everywhere

To make your t-shirt designs stand out, it is essential to pick designs or ideas that have yet to be done or redo standard ideas differently. Most companies use animals or geometric shapes to give their t-shirts an excellent strategy.

This is good; however, using inspiration related to your company provides more meaning to the t-shirt. Great t-shirts are made with character. Including a vital message that represents your brand on your t-shirt design can be compelling. There is a reason why companies always include print designs, it is because they never go out of style.

But in addition to making the perfect word choices, picking the right font is also crucial.

Your brand’s typography can convey a lot of information. Serif typefaces will generate a classic atmosphere, while swirly fonts will make your message livelier. Be mindful of the language used; a wrong quote or phrase on a shirt can entirely kill it.


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