The Steps You Should Be Taking Before Printing A T-Shirt

The T-shirt printing industry has become quite lucrative over the past years. This is not surprising considering the printed t-shirt’s popularity, ease of starting, and less investment requirement. As proof of its prominence, several methods for printing T-shirts have emerged, such as silk printing, sublimation, heat transfer, and direct to garment (DTG) printing in Singapore.

There are now several T-shirt printing companies in the country. Hence, having a custom printed T-shirt has already become quite easy and accessible. If you are currently working on a T-shirt printing project, you are on the right page! In this article, we have shared a short checklist for you to review before you get someone to print a T-shirt so that the process goes as seamlessly as possible.

1. Settle the design format

The design format is one of the most crucial details you need to settle before the T-shirt printing process begins. Determining what format to send your design in will save you time and energy, as it helps you avoid the frustrating back-and-forth emails with your printing company.

Usually, the most suitable and versatile format would be a design file in vector. A vector image (EPS, SVG, AI) is a graphic that has been made with the use of computerised mathematical pathways that enable the image to be manipulated in whatever way necessary to get the print done. Vector images are often preferred over raster ones (JPG, PNG, TIF, GIF, and PS) since the latter are pixel-based that can only be printed with the sublimation, heat transfer, and DTG methods.

2. Choose the type of print and shirt

The type of print and shirt is another critical consideration you must consider beforehand. Generally, the print and shirt type is determined by the purpose of the T-shirt. For instance, if you need a dri-fit polo tee printing for team sports, or you are searching for a sports uniform that is comfortable to wear on a sunny day, you should choose a T-shirt made of lightweight cotton.

When it comes to the type of print, it is important to consider the message you are trying to send across and its recipients. If the T-shirt is for a one-off event only, it is recommended you choose a printing style that focuses on providing striking graphics. On the other hand, if the T-shirt is intended to be worn daily, it must bear a lasting print. Considering these things will ultimately help you ensure that your chosen print and shirt will serve its purpose and delight its wearer.

3. Collect all the needed sizes

Another factor you must consider in deciding what T-shirt to get and how the design will look on the shirt is the size range. To ensure that the process of ordering and printing your T-shirt goes smoothly, you need to have the correct size. If you are printing multiple T-shirts at once, having a complete list of all the sizes required is a must.

Although this sounds like a simple task, if you order T-shirts for only ten or even 60 people, collating this data can become complicated, especially as the quantity increases. This is particularly true if you are trying to order and print more than one kind of T-shirt and the fit of the shirts’ sizes vary. Getting size collection forms that come with sizing charts for every shirt from your printing company is highly advised to make this task easier and less burdensome.


Acquiring custom-printed T-shirts has become relatively easy, thanks to the valued services of T-shirt printing businesses. However, to ensure your T-shirt printing undertaking runs smoothly, determining the design format, selecting the suitable print and shirt type, and collecting all the needed sizes in advance is vital.

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