These Are The Best T-Shirt Materials For Humid Weather

We get it. Singapore can get unbearably hot at times, to the extent that we want to take off our clothes. However, of course, this isn’t possible unless you’re planning to take a dip in the pool, so the next best thing we can do is to wear clothes that are not only comfortable, but also breathable and lightweight to provide us with good air circulation. This is why choosing suitable fabrics is so important, as the material of your t-shirt can help you stay cool and enjoy the outdoors under the sun.

As such, in this article, we’ll be looking at some of the best t-shirt materials that are perfect for warm, humid weather like in Singapore.

1. Cotton

Cotton is, by far, the best you can select when it comes to cooling fabrics. Cotton is a natural thermal insulator, trapping air with it and reducing heat transfer to your body. What’s more, the material soaks up the sweat your body produces, allowing you to stay dry for longer. Combined with the fact that cotton is both soft and lightweight, you can look forward to wearing it on without having to feel stuffy. Oh, and did we mention that cotton is also great for t-shirt printing?

Do note that cotton gets wrinkled rather easily, so we recommend using a clothes hanger or folding your cotton t-shirts well in order to avoid ironing them daily. Otherwise, go for a cotton-polyester blend, as it’s more wrinkle-free and less fussy to work with.

2. Linen

Have you noticed that most outdoor furniture is designed with linen? Well, the simple reason is that linen has excellent cooling and absorbent properties. Linen can be called cotton’s twin as they share the same qualities, such as being a breathable fabric, and are loosely woven to allow heat to escape from the body. The only difference is that linen has a stiffer structure, though this can be an advantage for people who like their clothing pieces to be of a looser fit and don’t stick to the body as much.

3. Dri-fit

Dri-fit was invented in the early 2000s by the sportswear brand, Nike, and has since gone on to become a favourite among athletes and fitness and outdoor enthusiasts due to its sweat-wicking and heat-protection capabilities. Dri-fit is essentially a high-performance microfibre polyester material that draws sweat away from the body and to the fabric’s surface. If by any chance your dri-fit t-shirt does get wet, no fret, as the material dries incredibly fast, making it a great fabric for summertime.

4. Silk

For a more luxurious fabric for formal wear, silk is the material you should choose. Silk has temperature-regulating properties, making it a highly versatile material that works for both warm and cold weather. During humid weather, silk helps to keep your body cool, while during the colder months, it can help you to stay warm. As silk may not be as breathable or sweat-proof as cotton and dri-fit, we recommend wearing it during the evening, when the weather is relatively cooler.


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