Tips And Tricks To Cut Costs On Your T-Shirt Printing Order

People order customised t-shirts for various occasions, from corporate team building days and roadshows to school events and as class t-shirts. The possibilities are truly endless and people are encouraged to tap into their creative sides to come up with a cool t-shirt design that stands out from the crowd. Now, here’s the catch, though. Customised t-shirts (or any customised items, really) have a reputation for being costly, and if you don’t do sufficient research or plan ahead, this can be a huge problem, especially for students looking for cheap class tee printing services.

However, no fret, as we’re here to help by providing a few tips and tricks on how you can ensure not to exceed your budget the next time you’re ordering custom t-shirts.

1. Be practical about your orders

Similar to how we don’t mind splurging on high-quality basic clothing pieces that can last a lifetime, it’s advisable to set aside a certain amount of money for customised t-shirts that you know you’ll be keeping in your closet for long periods. This is “cost per wear”, which indicates the value of your clothing piece by how many times you wear it. Essentially, the more times you wear a clothing piece, the more worth it becomes.

If your custom t-shirts are only to be worn for a single occasion, such as for promotional giveaways and industry events, going for a cheaper option is the practical thing to do. This point isn’t necessarily about cutting costs on your t-shirt printing orders, but about making the most out of your custom t-shirts.

2. Place your order in advance

You may think that placing an order a few months ahead is too ludicrous, but you never know when there will be a t-shirt shortage or if you require the t-shirts ahead of the original schedule. In order to avoid such situations and pay for rush fees, it’s better to place your t-shirt printing order in advance.

 3. Order in bulk

The common marketing slogan “buy more, save more” applies to t-shirt printing services as well. When you purchase more customised t-shirts, the cost of each t-shirt becomes cheaper. Most t-shirt printing suppliers like Direct T Shirt also offer discounts for bulk orders, so you can expect to lower your per t-shirt cost by a large margin.

4. Print in just one location

As expected, the more designs the custom t-shirt has, the more expensive it will be as there needs to be more labour, and the process is more time-consuming. If you’re planning to have a double-sided imprint on your t-shirts, be prepared to spend a little more. Otherwise, try to settle for a t-shirt design that only consists of one design in one specific location, be it on the front, back, or sleeve.

5. Choose the right printing method

There’s a wide variety of t-shirt printing methods available, and each one is different from the others. Some t-shirt printing methods may suit your needs more, while others may not be as efficient and only drive the costs up. For example, if your custom t-shirt has to be of a vibrant colour, you may want to go with DTF or DTG printing for the best results. On the other hand, silkscreen printing is suitable for large quantity orders as they offer durability and are less costly in bulk, making it perfect for class t-shirts and uniforms.


Aside from these points mentioned above, it’s also important to find a reliable t-shirt printing supplier to get the job done well and economically. This is where Direct T Shirt comes in, providing high-quality yet affordable t-shirt printing services for many purposes and occasions. While you can find us at our physical store at Geylang East Avenue 3, we also offer online t-shirt printing in Singapore, with a quick turnaround time.

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