Vintage T-Shirt Design Printing Ideas For Your Custom Shirt

Aside from keeping us warm and allowing us to show off our style, clothing boosts confidence and self-image. Did you know that the custom t-shirt industry has a whopping market worth of $4.3 billion? Yup, that’s right! It’s no surprise why designers and business people alike take advantage of this lucrative opportunity to generate income. Customised t-shirts are fun to think about until you need to brainstorm design ideas! But don’t worry; there are many design styles to choose from – the vintage design style being one of the most popular.

T-shirts are a staple of our everyday wardrobe thanks to their versatility. From plain tees to customised dri-fit polo tees, the possibilities for t-shirt designs are endless. If you’ve decided to narrow it down to a vintage design, you’ll need some ideas to match your statement. We’ve collected five vintage printing design ideas you may want to use for your customised t-shirt. Read on to learn more.

1. Punk Rock Shirts

Punk’s not dead! The punk rock design is one of the most renowned vintage shirt designs that has never gone out of style. With the popularity of rock and heavy metal bands from the past and current day, wearing their t-shirt gives you that distinct rock and roll feeling appeal can’t still get enough of. Whether you want to show off your favourite band or a design you like, it’s all up to you. However, you need to choose a reliable printing company that captures every detail you’ve envisioned.

2. Guitar Shirts

Talking about vintage shirts without mentioning a guitar-themed design feels impossible. Creating a guitar design shirt is always a good idea if you play the guitar or have a strong passion for it. You may use the guitar image and incorporate some design elements to add a personal touch to it, and voila! You now have musician’s merchandise you can wear or sell in your shop.

3. Bleeding Design Shirts

Have you ever worn a shirt that made people look twice at you with a complicated expression on their faces? If not, a bleeding design shirt would undoubtedly do the trick. This eye-catching design often comes in colour red, reminiscent of blood, and may come with a word, phrase, or a bleeding heart.

4. Motorcycle Shirts

Are you a fan of motorcycles, or are you running a motorcycle business? If so, this design is perfect for you. The most common motorcycle-themed vintage designs are those massive bikes you see in movies. You may also add lettering with a transitional font type or nostalgic sans serif font to enhance its vintage vibe.

5. Space-Themed Design

Space-themed design shirts usually include space elements such as the moon, sun, stars, planets, or even rocket logo designs. Wearing this shirt attracts more than just science geeks and other niche personality types. With NASA shirts becoming popular nowadays, there’s no shortage of space fiends interested in dawning the merchandise. Space-themed shirts are an addition to our list of shirts that got everyone talking!


Have you encountered any of the designs above on the street? Whether you have seen a few or a ton of them, one thing’s for sure: in today’s world, vintage is never out of style! If you want to print your vintage design, Direct T-shirt is here to help! We offer various types of high-quality printing services including dri fit polo tee printing and more, at reasonable prices. Don’t hesitate to learn more about our products and services by contacting us today!

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