What Students Can Gain From Having Custom Class Tee Shirts

These days, it’s no longer uncommon to see students wearing their class tee shirts, so much so that the public now knows which class and year some students belong in, rather than just the school they come from. Some schools have even allowed students to forgo their uniforms and come wearing their class tee shirts on casual days. While this recent trend may raise eyebrows among the more traditional crowd, it shouldn’t be surprising that custom tee shirts are all the rage among students. Regardless if you belong to a secondary school or tertiary college, or simply want to print for a school event, custom class tee shirts are an excellent investment as they provide a host of advantages, listed below.

1. Stronger bonding

Considering everyone in the class is wearing the same tee shirts, they will feel united and have a sense of belonging in a community. This is especially important as most people spend their grown-up years alongside their classmates and schoolmates, so there needs to be camaraderie in order to triumph over several life hurdles, such as major examinations, complex personal relationships, challenging schoolwork, and many more. Essentially, a strong bond among classmates is necessary to provide a supportive environment for all students to count on each other, and having a class tee shirt can help make this happen.

2. Feel pride

Let’s say the school is hosting an academic, artistic, or athletic competition between classes, a class tee shirt can come in handy by not only offering a clear distinction between participants, but also fostering a sense of pride and solidarity in students. This sense of pride is useful in building morale, encouraging students to perform better and try their hardest to win the competition. If the class teachers were to don the class tee shirts as well, this further sends an impression that the entire class is unified by a common goal, which can either intimidate or inspire other participants.

3. Enhance student safety

Most schools conduct field trips for their students in order to provide a real-world learning experience. Whether it’s to clean up the beach for a volunteering opportunity or spend the afternoon touring a museum, school trips play a vital role in a school’s curriculum. However, despite being supervised by teachers and even parent volunteers, students, particularly young ones, still face the possibilities of danger when they are out in public, such as getting lost, separating from the group, etc. In these situations, a custom class tee shirt can hugely benefit both students and teachers.

As a custom class tee shirt helps students stand out from the crowd, they can easily spot their classmates if they are split up. Teachers can also effortlessly keep track of the students, ensure that everyone stays in a group, and have a more streamlined process for taking attendance at the start and end of the trip.

4. Comfortable uniforms

We can all agree that Singapore’s weather, at times, can make traditional uniforms feel uncomfortable and stifling. This is actually one of the main reasons why some schools have allowed their students to wear class tee shirts for special occasions like school events or specific days. Now, students can feel comfortable wearing a cotton or dri-fit polo shirt that’s more loose-fitting and airier. What’s more, they have something to look forward to as they can break away from the monotony of traditional uniforms.


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