Why Workplaces Should Implement Gender-Neutral Uniforms

At a time when societal norms are constantly evolving and becoming less strict, we are looking towards achieving gender equality. While most people may only think of gender equality as equal wages and rights, one aspect that’s commonly overlooked is the clothes we wear. Yes, fashion does play a part in gender stereotypes and perceptions, and can carry an unconscious bias against one gender. If you’re a business owner or planning to produce work uniforms for your employees, you may want to consider taking a step toward progressiveness by adopting gender-neutral clothing. Here are just some of the reasons why you should do so.

1. Create a sense of identity among employees 

When everyone wears the same article of clothing, it reinforces the impression that all employees are equal, and no one is “better” or “has a higher status” than the other. This helps to set up an environment where employees feel and believe they have the same chances and opportunities to succeed, which can boost their morale and motivation to work harder.

Let’s say uniforms for women are adorned with more feminine colours and dainty details, whereas the men’s uniforms appear more masculine and bold. This can not only psychologically impact female employees that they are taken less seriously at work, but also unintentionally create a divide between the male and female employees. At the end of the day, all workplaces should strive for their employees to share a common identity, and one way to do so is by implementing gender-neutral uniforms.

2. Establish a cohesive workplace culture 

A cohesive workplace culture occurs when employees have a sense of belonging to the company and enjoy strong relationships with their colleagues. As mentioned above, gender-neutral uniforms can make employees feel equal, which is already the first step to attaining a cohesive workplace. Gender-neutral uniforms can further strengthen this by encouraging employees to practise open communication, have greater trust in one another, and possess a team mentality through constant collaboration. We can assure you that in no time, your employees will feel more appreciated and satisfied being in the company.

3. Less discriminatory 

Whether you’re supportive or not, it’s important to respect people’s pronouns and gender identity. No longer are male and female the only two gender identities, as more and more people are identifying with a range of pronouns, from non-binary to gender-neutral. If companies uphold a firm dress code, in which male and female employees wear their respective uniforms, this can make it uncomfortable for those who don’t align with a specific gender. Therefore, it’s simply easier to adopt gender-neutral uniforms to avoid any confusion and accidental offence.

4. More economical

Looking at it in a practical way, implementing gender-neutral uniforms is also a more economical option as you don’t have to spend on two different uniforms and designs. As you’ll be likely to print the t-shirts in large quantities, this also allows you to place your order in bulk with the t-shirt printing manufacturer, which is always much less of a hassle and allows you to cut costs on your t-shirt printing order.


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