World Cup Fever: Which Country Has The Best Jersey Design?

It may be over now, but the excitement and joy that the FIFA World Cup 2022 has spread among football enthusiasts is still palpable! Last December, the biggest and most famous football tournament had the entire world glued to their screens – especially the nerve-wracking and thrilling World Cup Final game between Argentina and France. Every player dreams of lifting the most coveted trophy in football, but only Argentina made their dreams come true that fateful day.

Debates about who the best player is and which country has the best jersey among all participating countries have been the talk of the town for weeks – from social media platforms to daily conversations. Now while we may not have the expertise to talk about the sport itself, we can discuss the most talked about jersey designs in the tournament! Read on to know which jersey design is the crowd’s favourite.

1. Japan

With the recent launch of a new football anime called “Blue Locke,” Japan has been a favourite since the tournament’s group stages. Aside from defeating two football giants in the group stage and how the fans clean the stadium after every match, Japan’s jersey design has caught the attention of football fans worldwide. Their jersey has a zig-zag design in light and dark blue colours with a red border at the bottom and three white stripes at the shoulder.

The design has an attractive look and colours that don’t fade away no matter how often you wash it. Japan’s jersey gives its wearer the feeling of being one of the main characters in an Anime show.

2. Spain

As 2010 World Cup Champions, witnessing Spain bid goodbye to their 2022 world cup dream would no doubt hurt their fans. Luckily, their stunning jersey design is here to shift the attention away from the less-than-satisfactory results. Spain has always been associated with the red jersey, but their blue jersey is certainly one to watch.

As their away jersey, the sky blue coloured jersey has amazon snake-like graphics, which are slightly darker blue. Plus, the dark blue shorts and red-and-yellow stripes on the shoulder make it one of the better-designed jerseys of the tournament.

3. Germany

Like Spain, this 2014 World Cup winner also ended their tournament earlier than expected. The team’s performance lacked efficiency, and their manager received many negative comments from fans. But when it comes to jersey design, there’s no doubt they are among the best. The black and white colour combination with a touch of gold is just so sleek and sophisticated.

4. Argentina

Even before the World Cup 2022, you have probably seen people wearing the Argentina jersey with the name “Messi” printed on the back. Renowned as one of the greatest players of all time, Lionel Messi has finally lifted the World Cup trophy. We can now expect to see more people wearing the 2022 Argentina jersey with three-stars printed on it. Aside from the mighty name of the best player in the Argentina squad, the creative jersey design is eye-catching.

Argentina’s home jersey has always been the traditional blue-and-white striped jersey with a classy look. People also loved its purple jersey with fading purple vapours or flames, giving it an elegant look.

5. France

Created by Nike, France’s home kit has always been as stylish, sporty, and charming as its away kit. Their home jersey is in dark blue and has symbols of the FIFA emblem, Nike logo, and the country’s national team’s FFF logo in gold accents. Their away jersey is equally impressive – it’s plain white and has patterns with scenes from the French Revolution and the country’s iconic landmarks.


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