Silk Screen printing is a very tedious process of t-shirt printing, but here with over 20 yrs of printing experience. We will take away all the painful part of learning them..

Step 1 ( create the stencil )

screen_mesh_coating coat the silk mesh frame with emulson. let it dry in cool dark conditions.

Step 2 ( prepare positive film )

silk-screen-film print out the design on a transparency film

Step 3 ( burn the image on the stencil )

silkscreen-exposal expose it to strong light to create the image on the stencil

Step 4 ( wash the image out )

Washout-silk-screen use water jets to wash out the design

Step 5 ( dry the stencil )

dry-stencil leave the stencil to dry naturally.

And that the silk screen stencil is Done!
Can start printing now.


Silk Screen Printing